CCAA’s Demo Artist Nov. 23: Sofanya White

Our November demo was via Zoom with Sofanya White. Link to recording below. Next CCAA meeting Jan. 25, 2021.

“Essence Portraits” A vehicle for mining and exercising our intuitive abilities through art and “Stream of Consciousness” painting, specifically through Essence Portraits.

My intention and foundation for my work is to depict the reality that we are nature and not separate from it.  Whether I’m working on a sculpture or a painting,  I love textures and often enjoy building a painting upon musical scores and lyrics as well as textural effects and of course color patterns that draw the viewer in and call to physical touch as well as engaging spiritual, emotional and intellectual curiosity. 



Unfortunately we have to cancel our on-location meetings following directives from Monterey County in response to Covid19.  Our demos will be “on-line,” as a live Zoom call.  Members will be notified of the Zoom link. A recording of the call will be available to the public on the website as it is made available.

During non-Covid concerns, the Central Coast Art Association meets 6:30-8 pm at the El Estero Park, with a meet & greet time until 6:45 when announcements & the demonstration by the guest artist begins. Meeting/demonstration ends approximately at 8 pm.   777 Pearl St (next to Dennis the Menace Park), Monterey, the fourth Monday of each month (please check for holiday schedules). Attendance is free and open to the public.

June: Mark Farina

July: No Meeting

August: Bunny Pavine,                       Passcode: U!rC8*d?

September:  Jolene Anderson, Video recording under “Video” on our Facebook page:                                                   

October: Reda Rackley                                   

November: Sofana White                       Passcode: 5g!zKR.t

December: no meeting

January 2021:

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