Debbie Griest

Debbie Griest’s passion to create art is inspired by her respect and appreciation for wildlife and nature. She builds on her travel experiences through the savannas of Africa, the jungles of central and South America, and the natural habitats throughout California and the US. When out in nature Debbie is drawn to the drama of light and shadow, the emotions and feelings evoked by a particular setting, and the unique personality or presence of an animal observed. These paintings of wildlife, landscapes, and scenes from nature provide a window into the beauty of our natural environment and a glimpse into the life of wild animals who radiate power, grace, dignity, and a presence.

Debbie Griest earned a Fine Arts degree from San Jose State University and is currently showing her work in the Venture Gallery in Monterey and the Cheryl Watts Pottery and Gallery in Monterey, California. She has also shown her work at exhibits in San Jose and on the Monterey Peninsula. Debbie is a member of the Central Coast Art Association and the Monterey Peninsula Art Foundation.

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